Steven G. Lester, MD, FACRO
Maneesh Gossain, MD
Richard J. Lee, MD


“This is a wonderful facility and the staff is incredible! Heidi, Autumn & Jessica always made me feel safe and showed such warmth and concern. They are truly wonderful people at the Cancer Center.”

-Susie G.

“Everyone was very, very helpful, friendly and always nice and cheerful. I loved every day I was there. God bless you all.”

-Lucile R.

“I have told so many people about how good you are treated here, THANKS FOR BEING SO GOOD!”

-Tom T.

“In this small way we hope each member of the staff will know how much we appreciate the many thoughtful ways in which you made the necessary treatments so easy. We came in scared to death but you treated us with a smile, a joke, kind word or just a simple touch. It makes the many trips almost a joy! Thank you, thank you!”


“I will never forget you girls, for your constant reassurances and concern for my anxieties.”

-Betty M.

“Thank you all so much for all your kindness and reassurance during my treatments. As I’ve said many time, you all have the most gentle touch. It’s most appreciated. Most of all, though, thank you for saving my life. You’re the best.”

-Dorrie F.

“I would highly recommend this Center and the doctors and the outstanding staff to everyone I know. They are very concerned about your health and I appreciate it very much.”

-Walter H.

“Everyone was very caring and courteous and so very friendly. The staff made this treatment much easier than anticipated. I want to thank Pat, Autumn, Heidi, and Jessica for their work. I appreciate all of you.”

-Robert W.

“I would take the time to move to Florida for treatment again if I were diagnosed a second time. I don’t think I could have had a more positive experience anywhere else. On a scale of 1 to 10 you are far more than the 10. You have a great staff and should be proud of them.”

-Paula H.

“Dr. Joiner – thank you so much for all the time you gave to me and for explaining what was happening to me. I really appreciate your care and concern. The whole staff at Central Florida Cancer Care Center has been outstanding. I would list names but I’d end up writing down the names of your entire staff. The facility is kept very clean, everyone is so warm and friendly and I could not have had a better experience. Thank you and may God bless all of you.”

-Kathy L.

“First, I never thought I’d be in this position, having had cancer. I must say that all my fears were unfounded. The personnel here is second to none. I was fully informed by the physicians and staff about everything I was going through. The physicians went to great pains to make sure I understood and had a level of comfort that made me satisfied. I was encouraged at every point. This has been, in spite of the circumstances, an extremely positive experience. I’d recommend Central Florida Cancer Care Center to anyone in need and without hesitation or reservation. God Bless You All.”

-Aldon B.

“I want to thank everyone for the extraordinary care I received. I can only wish all the doctors’ staff I go to were half as good as the people here. You have set a new standard for excellence.”

-H. Peyton

“The whole center is first class. Everyone has been very kind and caring, expressing much love and tender care. Each doctor has been very friendly and helpful so there have been no surprises in the procedure and effects. My treatment here has been such that I have had no doubt as to the success and I have been completely confident in the process.”

-Charles W

“There cannot be any better staff than these women. I feel very blessed to have had them to care for me. This is the absolute very best and most professional group of medical professionals who have ever treated me. Despite having cancer, your clinic made my treatment a positive experience and kept me positive when my nature would have caused me to be negative and depressed. God Bless all of you.”

-Sam T.

“Keep up the good work!! It was fun! Maybe I’m crazy??!”

-Shango M.

“I was extremely pleased with the concern and consideration of the staff who did my scan and radiation treatments.”

-Mary Ann.

“Thank you to a wonderful and caring staff. You all helped make this part of my journey easier.”

-Lynda M.

“When I first learned that I needed radiation therapy, I wondered how this therapy would affect my body. The moment I arrived at the center the staff assured me of their competent treatment. My prayers were answered when I came in contact with Drs. Looper, Lester and Gossain and the supporting staff: Vanessa, Pat, Brandie, Jessica, Heidi and Belinda. Their treatment was the assurance of Healing, especially Pat’s daily comforting. May God continue to bless your healing therapy.”

-Berneice V.

“Since I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer almost a year ago, I’ve read many magazine stories written by people with various types of cancer. Ninety-nine percent of them describe their “journey” as uplifting, spiritual, enlightening, and other such adjectives. When reading these missives I can’t help but question if these people are living on the same planet as me. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m an extremely positive person and always have been. I’m strong, intelligent and have rarely in my 62 years ever been ill. Consequently and luckily, my lifelong contact with the medical profession has been limited to once a year exams and blood work, .. Read More>>

-Sharon R.

“The center was very professional with outstanding, overall service and treatment.”

-John S.

“The most positive experience I’ve ever had in my healthcare! You all made it easier to deal with.”

-Elaine M.

“Starting treatment, I was very apprehensive, but the staff at Cancer Care were excellent, helping me cope and get through the treatment, excellent care.”

-John C.

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Sanford, FL 32771

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