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Head and Neck Cancer IMRT Image

Central Florida Cancer Care Center features one of the most advanced forms of radiation treatment available delivered by the powerful Varian 23EX linear accelerator. This provides Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). This complex technique of delivering radiotherapy is a powerful method of precisely delivering conformal doses of radiation to tumor tissue, while simultaneously sparing nearby healthy tissue. To plan and deliver IMRT/IGRT treatments, our centers use the SmartBeam IMRT, a state-of-the-art planning and delivery system designed by Varian Medical Systems.

SmartBeam IMRT uses computer-generated images to plan and then deliver tightly focused radiation beams to cancerous tumors. Clinicians use it to precisely “paint” the tumor with a customized radiation beam that conforms as closely as possible to the shape of the tumor. SmartBeam IMRT can be used to treat tumors that might have been considered untreatable in the past due to close proximity of vital organs and structures. Currently, IMRT is being used to treat cancers of the prostate, head and neck, breast, thyroid and lung, as well as in gynecologic, liver, brain tumors, lymphomas and sarcomas.

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