Steven G. Lester, MD, FACRO
Maneesh Gossain, MD
Richard J. Lee, MD


Used primarily in the treatment of prostate cancer, the SonArray system employs 3-D ultrasound imaging and optical technology for real-time tumor tracking. SonArray provides clinicians with 3-D ultrasound images of the target to ensure that the target is properly positioned to receive the daily radiation dose.High-resolution radiation therapy techniques like IMRT enable doctors to plan and deliver radiation doses that conform tightly to the three-dimensional contours of a tumor. However, radiation therapy for prostate and other forms of cancer is generally delivered daily over a six- to eight-week period. Research has shown that the position of the tumor changes each day due to normal physiological processes. Even when patients are placed in precisely the same position for their daily treatments, some tumors can shift by as much as two to three centimeters over six to eight weeks of therapy. SonArray, however, enables doctors to see and adjust for changes in tumor position, so they can shrink the margin of healthy tissue treated. This can make a big difference in treatment outcomes and in a cancer survivor’s post-treatment quality of life.

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