Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation

APBI Strut Device Image

APBI Balloon Device Image

Accelerated partial breast irradiation, or APBI, is a radiation therapy device that internally delivers radiation directly to the tissue surrounding the original tumor, where recurrence is most likely. This minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue and reduces the length of treatment from five to seven weeks to five days.

There are currently three types of single-entry devices. Which one to use for the given patient is chosen by the surgeon and radiation oncologist based on each individual patient’s needs.

  1. Mammosite®: This device uses a balloon that is inflated inside the cavity
  2. Strut Assisted Volume Implant (SAVI™): This device has multiple catheters (struts) that are expanded after the device is inserted into the cavity
  3. Contura™ MLB: This is also a balloon device that is inflated, however the Contura also has vacuum ports on either end of the balloon, to remove air or fluid between the balloon and the targeted breast tissue
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